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Frequently Asked

  • How do I get a referral for services?
    Light the Way works off of working prescriptions from your child's pediatrician. Please consult with your child's doctor regarding your concerns .
  • What insurances do you accept?
    Light the Way currently accepts Aetna, Humana, Humana Medicaid, Anthem BCBS, Anthem Medicaid, Wellcare and Passport. We also offer the option of private pay and superbills can be provided to families whose insurance we do not accept.
  • Where are you located?
    Light the Way Therapy has a physical location in Bardstown, KY. We also offere teletherapy services to children located in Illinois, Kentucky, and Maine.
  • Why are you not accepting my insurance?
    We are in the process of becoming credentialed with a handful of major insurance companies. While we wait for more insurance opportunities, private pay is always an option. This allows your child to receive the care they deserve without restrictions. You can also check with your insurance carrier if they accept superbills. ** We currently accept Aetna, Humana, Humana Medicaid, Anthem BCBS, Anthem Medicaid, Wellcare, and Passport patients.
  • Is teletherapy just as effective as in person therapy for my child?
    Absolutely! Teletherapy is backed by research and proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy. Kids love seeing their therapist vritually and the method opens up new ways to work on speech & langauge skills. Family member (and even pets!) make debuts during teletherapy sessions, allowing your child to feel comfortable and make progress with all family members involved. Teletherapy is also a great way for children to receive services who cannot adjust to a clinic setting or are medically fragile and cannot come in to the clinic.

Additional questions?

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