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Unable to make it to a therapy session, or live too far from the office? Light the Way Pediatric Therapy offers teletherapy sessions, which are online virtual based sessions through a secure and private platform.


** Light the Way Pediatric Therapy now offers Speech Teletherapy services for children in Illinois & Kentucky and OT Teletherapy services for children in Kentucky! **


Teletherapy allows your child to receive speech therapy services from the comfort of their home without the fear of regression or missing sessions.  

Benefits of Teletherapy: 

  • Backed by research

  • Proven to be just as effective as in-person sessions

  • Highly motivating and engaging

  • Easily accessible from anywhere

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient for parents

  • Kid friendly

  • HIPPA compliant  

How to Get Started With Teletherapy

1.  Call 502-233-1305 to schedule a teletherapy appointment


2. Check your email for your session link and information


3. Download the Zoom App here


4. Don't worry about your child regressing due to missing sessions and enjoy watching them make progress from the comfort of your home!                                      

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