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Weather Kit from Teaching by the Mountains: Product Review

At Light the Way Pediatric Therapy, we love our theme weeks! I knew from the moment I saw this weather kit from Teaching by the Mountains on Instagram, I had to have one for our weather week. They were kind enough to gift us a set for our therapy clinic and what a huge hit it was earlier this month!

Based in Montana, Teaching by the Mountains (who is an educator!) creates amazing play dough kits that are perfect for parents or anyone who works with children! Each themed kit contains 2-3 colors of homemade play dough and lots of little toys/trinkets to get those creative juices flowing.

Our weather kit came with homemade blue, white, and yellow play dough that has lasted for weeks after initially opening (and is still going strong). My patients loved using these weather play dough mats with the dough kit too!

There are so many unique trinkets included: a cloud cookie cutter, rolling pin, water gems, pom-poms, snowflakes, lightning bolts, a mini umbrella, and so much more!

Benefits of a Sensory Play Kit

Sensory play is such a great tool to use both at home and in therapy because it is so stimulating for the brain and allows for exploration of the four (unless you make editable sensory bins, then five) senses. Sensory bins are perfect for building fine motor skills, cognition, imaginary play, and language skills.

What is so amazing about the Teaching by the Mountain's kits is that there are so many different mediums, sizes, textures, etc. that the creation possibilities are endless.

Here are some ways we used our weather kit:

  • Find the hidden items in the dough

  • Requesting various items inside the box

  • Talk about weather verbs: storming, raining, snowing,

  • Sorting by weather type: rain, sun, snow/ice & talked about various types of weather

  • Build pretend weather scenes with the included wooden people

  • Following 1-2 step directions

  • Inferencing/predicting the weeks weather

We also paired our weather kit with some weather books and also made a "tornado in a jar" for a take-home activity.

A huge thank you to Teaching by the Mountains for gifting us their Weather Kit. Be sure to check out their website and Instagram for other cute kits!

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